Welcome 8th Graders


Web Quest

January 31-Feburary 4


Introduction: You have been chosen to take part in a secret investigation.  You and a partner will travel back through time to investigate the existence of prejudice in American society in its earliest appearances.  Religious, Ethnic, and Gender prejudice were brought to the “New World” early in this countries history and by learning how it grew we may be able to prevent it in the future.  These hateful views have been causing wars, oppression, slavery, and poverty for centuries and it is time for us to stomp them out for good.         



1.      Visit the following web sites to answer the question in the work sheet

2.      Use your textbooks and your own personal knowledge to answer any remaining questions.

3.       Form an opinion on prejudices in early American history.

4.       List similarities and differences between early American prejudice and more modern American prejudice.

Internet Resources:

1. Tolerance

2. History

3. Quakers in Brief



1. Plain People





1. Women in America

2. Notable Women

3. Colonial Women

4. In Her Own Words







1. Irish

2. Irish Catholics

3. Chinese

4. Women

5. African American


1. See Mr. Washington for help.

2. Use the answers you found for the worksheet to help you with form your opinion and create your list.