Welcome 8th Graders

Revolutionary Timeline

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Timeline of the American Revolutionary War


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American Revolution Chronology


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Other Places to Search

  • Encyclopedias
  • Biographies
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What Are You Adding to the Timeline?



-         Illustrate all events in color on unlined drawing paper

-         Add caption (One or two sentences that identifies the people and major objects in the picture)

-         Title your picture with the event it illustrates.


Play Writing

-         Historical characters

-         Fictional characters

-         Historical events

-         Fictional dialog (Must support historical facts)

-         Include all event in your time line



-         Historical Character

-         Solo must contain information about

o       His or her early, middle and late life

o       Major accomplishments

o       Involvement in the events in chapter four

-         Fictional dialog

-         Fictional emotion

-         4 to 8 minutes

-         Video recorded presentation in class, before school, or after school



Event Ranking

-         All events in timeline

-         Events ranked it order of importance 1-6

-         Justification including what is dependent on this event and or what would be different.

-         1-3 sentence explanation

-         Typed



-         Must use a recognizable rhyme pattern

-         One poem including all the events in your timeline or a series of poems including all the events in your timeline.

-         Minimize nonsense

-         Brief description of the event in the poem

-         In class presentation. 


Snickers Commercial

-         In comic book format (captions in each square)

-         Illustrated

-         Clear pattern (event, what it caused, what that caused, what that caused etc.)

-         Include all events