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Give each section (class) a few ethnic groups from our society to study.  They will be responsible for obtaining and sharing the information on the class blog.  The topics that they will discuss are "which ethnic groups played the largest roles in American history" and "which ethnic groups had the closest relationships?"  The teacher will moderate the discussion to make sure it stays on topic.  The students will be assessed on the questions they ask and the responses they give.  At pretest and posttest will be administered to assess if the students took advantage of the project.    

1. What is the grade level and subject area for this activity?

10th and 11th grade sociology

2. Who will you collaborate with?

Other sections of the same course

3. How will this be incorporated into your curriculum?

PA Academic Standard 8.3.12.A,D


4. How will each student be involved?

Each student will be given a username.  They will share and inquire about information, and as they learn from each other they will have effectively communicated through the internet.

5. What will students do with the information?

This information will help the student better understand the diverse society they live in.  They will learn about their heritage as well as their friends and classmate’s heritage. 

6. What types of information will the student give to the collaborating party?

The will offer the type of information that they would like to receive.  The information that they give will also depend on the question that are asked.

7. What will the teacher's role be during this activity?

The teacher will have to create the blog and usernames.  During the activity they will monitor to make sure the dialog stays on topic.   

8. What will you do to prepare students for the collaboration? 

The teacher should prepare lesson plans for all of the ethnic groups and deliver the lessons to the proper classes.  Then they will  need to show the students how to access and operate the blog.  Finial they will need to inform their students how they will be assessed.  Teaching them about different levels of questioning will also help. 

9. Please list the names and addresses of all web sites that will be used for this activity.

10. How will you evaluate the success of this activity?

The post test will provide data as to how much the students learned from each other.  The level of participation from the students will also help the teacher assess how much the students appreciate this topic or activity. 



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