Virtual Field Trip and Project

How does geography pay a role in the taste of the Hershey's chocolate?

How did geography pay a role in where the factory was located?

Which part of the chocolate make process is the most important?

In part four they refer to carefully mixing of the ingredients,  what do they mean by carefully?

List two minor achievements

List three people that played a role in Hershey's success.

List two large failures that Milton Hershey learned from.

How did Hershey change the image or normal use of chocolate?

Pick three events in Milton Hershey's life that if removed would have cause The Hershey company to fail.  Then tell me why those events were so vital.  (Hint: You will have to us your imagination and start some of your explanations with if and then)


Concluding Project: 

1. survey 50 people

2. Create a new candy bar and slogan

3. Design the wrapper

4. Prepare a presentation using Power Point, Inspiration, poster board, or a series of props that would convince the Hershey company that your product is the next big thing it hit the candy shelf.  Your presentation must refer to your survey results, company history, how the production process would change, why the wrapper and slogan are attractive, and why you think people will buy this.