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Class Rules

  1. Never give out personal information.
  2. Never agree to get together with anyone you meet online.
  3. Never send a personal picture.
  4. Never respond to any messages of an aggressive nature. (verbal, physical, or sexual)
  5. Never give out your passwords to anyone in class or online.
  6. Never do or say anything harmful or illegal. 

Parent Rules

  1. Talk with your student about what they can do and what they can't.
  2. Be reasonable and set reasonable rules.
  3. Understand abilities and limitations of your blocking, filtering, and rating application.

E-mail Rules

  1. Make sure the content is relevant.
  2. Make sure to write a relevant subject line.
  3. Tell your correspondent if you forward his or her message.
  4. Don't send chain letters or "make money fast" plains.
  5. Don't send large attachments without asking first.
  6. Don't criticized people's spelling, it is considered petty.  (not every one has spell checks in their e-mail)
  7. Don't over use the word urgent.


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