Internet Research

The internet is a wonderful tool in the process of research.  The problem is that may students use it as their only tool.  This is a lot of invalid or bias information on the internet.  Students need to be taught how to properly evaluate websites.  In addition they need to know that a good researcher use numerous types of resources.  The internet can help you locate most of your resources, but many are not visible on the internet.  The web offers databases, articles, encyclopedias, and general information web pages.  It will also help you locate books but that you have to order, because their text is not online.  I have been successful using the internet for research.  I have obtained articles and historical newspapers through databases, accessed library card catalogs,  used informational websites to obtain general information to further research, and found organizations that I could request information from by using the internet.

This is an easy to use data base that allows you to find a topic related article quickly


Cyber Sleuth Kids

Kid friendly search engine and directory.


Webster's Online Dictionary
This is a great site for your students to find definitions, history, synonyms and more.

This online encyclopedia works like most common search tools.  Just type in what you are looking for and a page of information will load.

Here you can find fast facts on the state that make our country.


Nineteenth Century Documents Project

This pages will allow you to read numerous documents from resent history.


Geo hive Global Statistics
Her you can find statistical charts about many nations.


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