Virtual Field Trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Goals:  To build an appreciation for rock and rollís part in world culture.


Grade Level: 11th grade


Subject Matter:  Music Culture


Preparation:  Students will be prepped with a lesson pertaining to the evolution of rock and roll.  They will learn how the music reflected the particular morals and ethics of the period it was created in.  Supplements will be provided by the site to be toured.  The virtual field trip will complement the lessons by presenting an in-depth look at the artists and their contributions to society. 


Length:  Students will spend approximately one class period (50 minutes) in the computer lab exploring an assigned genre in the virtual field trip. 


Collaboration:  Two students will be responsible for researching an assigned genre.  They will then share their research with one another in order to present it to the class at a later time. 


Role of the Teacher:  The teacher will spend the class period monitoring the sites the students are viewing and guiding the students to unexplored features of the virtual field trip.    


Websites used for the virtual field trip:


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


This is the official site for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  It gives students an excellent opportunity for learning about featured artists and time periods pertaining to our musical culture. 



The Rock &  Roll Timeline


This is an interactive and animated timeline where students can discover connections between artists and society.



Lyrics Search Engine


Students can use this resource to look up song lyrics from their genre to determine how it influenced culture and society. 


Computer Setup: Students will be using the computer lab that houses 35 computers.  Each student will have access to his or her own computer during the virtual field trip.


Realistic Materials/Activities:  During the culminating presentations, student will be encouraged to use sound clips found on the virtual field trip from the assigned genre. 


Final Presentation:  Following the virtual field trip rubric, students will be asked to present a brief summary of the information found on their genre. This will be a way for all students to become informed on each genre of rock and roll. 


Virtual Field Trip Outline: 

(5 minutes) Teacher will present homepage of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and make sure that all students have a clear understanding of their task. 


(30 minutes)  Students will explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame site and compile as much information as possible pertaining to their genre.


(15 minutes)  Two students will discuss their findings and decide what additional information is needed for the presentation.


Follow-up:  Students will be given the following day to plan their presentations and gather last-minute information.  Students will then present their findings to the class.  Following all presentations, the teacher will conduct a lesson based on the impact of rock and roll music on culture.  


Evaluation:  Rubrics will be used to evaluate student presentations based on the content, correctness of information, and public speaking skills.   Teacher will observe students during lessons to be sure that they are on task.   Student enthusiasm and work quality will be noted to determine if this virtual field trip will be used in the future.  



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